Carpenter Bee Trap Rustic Style

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Carpenter Bee Trap

Handcrafted Rustic Style


Carpenter Bee Trap - Rustic Look

Carpenter bees go in the bore holes into wood. They back out of the holes toward the light. When they go into the wooden trap the angle of the wood only allows light from the other side which causes them to follow the path into the jar where they cannot get out. 

We use the traps at our own home and have found each season if we let the trap build up a couple of times about 1/3 of the way the bees tend to stay away from the area. 

This includes housing and pint jar.

We are not in favor of killing bees. They are beautiful creatures but as with any other pest (mice, roaches, ants etc) these bees can cost a homeowner many dollars in damages and the females can sting multiple times. They do not lose their stinger like some other bees. Male bees will hover or dart at you to protect his territory but does not sting. Carpenter bees are also known to sometimes harass honey bees or honey bee owners. 

We have been asked the question, can I just relocate the bees. These are live traps. The bees do not die unless you leave them in the traps and they kill each other so yes, you have the option of trapping and moving the bees to another location. 

There IS a difference between bumblebees and carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are black and yellow with a shiny black body. Bumblebees are black and yellow with a fuzzy yellow body. Carpenter bees bore into wood. Bumblebees do not. Bumblebees are ground dwellers. 

For best results hang traps under the eave of your house, carport, barn etc.